Who provides the better features and services, Wix or Weebly? Check out this Ecommerce Platforms comparison and see for yourself!
Wix and Weebly have become two or the most popular website builders today. It is no surprise as they have successfully managed to combine modern web building tools and impeccable service and attract millions of customers to use their platforms
Despite being the two most popular ecommerce website builders on the market, there are still questions as to who offers the better features and who provides the better services.
Wix has made a name for itself by being the website builder that provides all the important and necessary web building tools you need to create your own ecommerce site and start selling. Wix combines modern web design tools and features, as well as, a secure hosting with incredible design templates which give customers a great start to set up their perfect site. This ecommerce websites builder is also known for its easy to use design system that helps customers with no web design experience to create a website. All you have to do is get the ball rolling and choose a template from Wix design gallery and proceed to place your content and photos. It is a simple and quite effective process that will allow anyone to create and design their own website.
Weebly, on the other side, takes a more minimalist approach. It keeps the interface and the structure simple. They also offer a drag-and-drop design system and customers who have no design experience can create a website. The thing that makes Weebly different from Wix is that they allow full customization of the pre-designed templates by using HTML and CSS. If you need to modify something, you can edit it by using HTML or CSS.
Weebly can help you set up your own ecommerce store in a matter of minutes. There are numerous ecommerce features to choose from including SSL checkout, tax management tools, discount codes, and one-click integration to the App Center.
Both ecommerce platforms provide the same web building and hosting services, making it hard not to compare what each one offers. They have some similar features and tools, however, they certainly have a few differences as well:


Wix offers different components that can help you create your website. There are beautiful pre-designed templates which you can use and customize according to your needs and company’s branding. Wix also helps you animate title text and use your videos as creative backgrounds for your website. Weebly provides some great building tools, features, options, and design templates. The difference between Wix’s tools and these tools is that Weebly focuses more in function and design.


For those who prefer to have more control over their website, having an HTML editor is pretty helpful. However, this is something that Wix doesn’t offer. Wix offers a set of high-quality templates so you don’t need need to depend on having HTML editor for your designing needs. Weebly provides access to the website’s HTML and CSS codes. This gives users more control when it comes to modification.


One of the best features Wix offers is the ability to let your reuse photos after you have uploaded them. It has built-in image editing tools which you can use to improve your website’s images. Weebly also allows users to put on photos, however, there is a small downside – it doesn’t have any storage section for photos that have already been uploaded.


The blogging feature Wix offers has the same elements and features that you see in a blog provider. It offers a user-friendly and easy-to-use interface and an option to tie-up with your social media accounts. Weebly offers you the same blog features and a post scheduler for quick management of all of your blog entries.
Even though these two ecommerce website builders have their pros and cons, it is up to you to choose the builder whose features fit your web building needs.

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